About Mika

source link I'm a 20-something girl living in San Francisco. I'm a yogi, dancer, adventurer, craft-beer enthusiast, and avid festival-goer on a mission to find real-life magic in all corners of the world.

follow site My greatest passion in life is travel. From the mundane airport check-in experience,  to bungy-jumping off the Auckland bridge- my heart flutters with the promise of adventure, new connections, and ultimately doing something that scares me every day.

When I'm not halfway across the world, I find magic in the daily life of San Francisco. I've dedicated almost three years to teaching yoga; and along the way I've been certified in therapeutic yoga, chakra balancing, Thai yoga bodywork, and Reiki. I strongly believe in a holistic approach to healing- incorporating practices that target the mind, body, and flow of energy.

I made this website with the intention of inspiring, humoring, and ultimate healing. Enjoy!

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