Why Shakti?

buy non generic Keppra Shakti, in simplest terms, is one of the most important and powerful forces of energy in our universe. Shakti - the divine feminine, and Shiva - the divine masculine, are responsible for the manifestations and experiences of our universe. Every person has both Shakti and Shiva within themselves, and when these two currents meet, one experiences "samsara" or "enlightenment."
Shakti is the ultimate embodiment of feminine energy, and she is the dynamic, cosmic energy of our universe. Shakti is change, movement, power, capability, liberation and creation. On the other side of the coin, we have Shiva who is static, unchanging, masculine, logical, pure consciousness. Without both, there is nothing. Shiva is the canvas, Shakti is the paint - we need both to have art.

So, why Shakti?
At the close of my Somatic Yoga Therapy training in summer 2016, each student was given a personalized envelope with a nickname written on the front. Our nicknames were hand-picked by the master teachers, representing our journey over the month-long course.
When my name was called at graduation, I stood up to receive my envelope, and on the front was written "Shakti."

Shakti? I thought. Me?! What on earth were they thinking? How could little ol' me be blessed with the privilege and responsibility of Shakti? In what dimension do I represent the sacred feminine and the most powerful creative force in the universe?
Well, I'm still figuring that out. And that is why I call this website Shakti Mika. This is an attempt to unleash my full creative potential- to write as I have always done, to create, to express, and to find the inner strength and courage to publish the journey. This is an outlet to document my travels, adventures, liaisons, lessons - to reflect on and express my own wild, dynamic, untamed energy.